The 6th version of the International Yoga Day 2020 commenced on Sunday with individuals over the globe participating in different yoga occasions to remember the day. Worldwide Yoga Day was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brainchild who proposed the thought in the year 2014, directly in the wake of expecting charge as the head administrator during his first term.

On the event, PM Modi tended to the country and underscored the significance of yoga, reflection and pranayama.

“The world is taking the need to rehearse yoga all the more truly in the wake of Covid-19. Yoga has numerous asanas to support our insusceptibility. These asanas reinforce our muscles and digestion. Coronavirus assaults our respiratory framework, and pranayama (breathing activity) is simply the best exercise to be careful,” the Prime Minister said.

Cheerful Yoga Day to you. Yoga is tied in with making a parity in your life. It is tied in with adjusting your faculties, adjusting your life elements so as to live solid and live in harmony. Wishing you a tranquil and solid life on International Yoga Day.