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what is online reputation management ?

Online Reputation Management is process of controlling what shows up when someone looks you up online in search engine like google.

It is the quickest,most effective solution for dealing with bad press that has surfaced on the search engines about you or your company and brand.

How long does reputation repair takes ?

In Rare Case ,Removal of negative content from search results can take just a few weeks, or longer depending on a number of factors. Suppression (pushing down) of search results can take three to ten months or longer depending on the level of difficulty.

If something negative content is on online, is it there permanently?

yes! It is truly impossible to eliminate – but always try to push back.in rare case it will removed .There are some special ORM tactics to pushing the bad information to the second or third page and push to 10+ pages successfully makes it disappeared from google.

why does it takes so long ?

online reputation management process is very complex and requires a lot of work on various websites with positive content that outnumbers and outranks the negative content. It can take some weeks and months for the new content and keywords to begin ranking higher than the previous negative content.

I have negative things on google ,How do i start ?

If you have negative things any about you or your company don’t panic. Just go to our Online reputation ORM Package which suits your requirement. In case you need any clarification or still confused you can contact us anytime.

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